WorkshopTM is an iPad application which simplifies all inputs and outputs of your seminar.

  • It helps the sponsors do the teamlists and manage the assignments for all the groups.
  • The participants capture their own work with the iPads.
  • All collected data become easy to share during and after the session through the iPads or any other screen.
  • At the end of the event the application compiles all the produced data into an exhaustive files structure ready to be sent.
  • Finally the application allows paperless event. It avoids great wastage and improve efficiency.

and Fast

Workskop is fully Plug & Play.
It works on its own wifi network, it's secure and fast. To maximize the robustness of our system, we use only one device with one Operating System (Apple). All hardware and software are provided and come in a compact kit - the size of a carry-on bag.

The Case

WorkshopTM works on any recent Ipad but for those who need to be mobile or want to protect their devices we have build and tested a case.

Our Workshop case contains:

  • 10 iPads, enough to manage up to 9 groups.
  • 1 Airport Extreme to provide a strong multiple devices Wi-Fi network.
  • 1 Airport Express to extend your Wi-Fi network if needed.
  • 1 Apple TV to display teamlists and synthesis on any screen or video projector.
  • + all necessary connectors and a 10 ports iPad charger.


Through our service you can subscribe to both hardware and software usage or only one depending on your needs. Subscribtion comes with the hardware updates and maintenance including the upcoming new software releases.

We will come to assist you during your first usage of our Workshop™ application to help out and train any resources if needed.


Our experts

You can contact us through, Facebook, or directly by clicking on our email below the picture.

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