New release!!

The May 2017 version (6.6.9) of Workshop has been released, with many features and fixes, including:
– Added the ability to re-order pictures and captured images including working walls and synthesis panels
– All team lists are now exported in a single text file (instead of generating a separate file for each team)
– Added support for .PNG images
– Realtime indicators for total nuber of participants, the number of participants in each group and the number of unallocated participants
– You can share the TeamList with your team but Airplay, email etc…
– Improved support for using multiple iPads in a single breakout/team/group
– Added the ability to choose the color of your group.
– Better group display on the facilitator iPad
– The background logo displayed on the screen is now full screen
– Fixed .jpg / .JPG error
– Teamlist import now supports Excel files (.xls and .xlsx)
– Plus many more little details, improvements and performance enhancements